xTrader system supports two types of algos: algo runs at the server side for those strategies requires lowest latency, the other types of algo runs on xTrader front-end, which gives customer the flexibility to do their own programming using Lua scripting language.

Algorithm Trading System

Server Side Algo

  • Support some predefined strategy:Stop Market/Limit, If-Touched, If-Done, Iceberg, On-Open/Close, Trailing Stop Market/Limit, TWAP, VWAP, POV etc.
  • Open programming interface for server side strategy development
  • Achieve lowest latency for the orders deliver to exchange and execution venues
  • Enforced safeguard framework to prevent any extra order firing

Front-end Algo

  • Easy programming interface integrated with Lua script
  • Support full set to a technical analysis indicators
  • Real-time tick data, minutes and daily data for order processing.
  • Support production testing and simulation